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Custom services currently unavailable.

Service Protocols Revision 52 (April 27th, 2017)

Personal, Commercial, And Privately Outsourced Work is welcome, and every effort is made to be sure work done reflects as an extension of your organization or business. For privately outsourced work all tasks are accomplished privately, no contact is initiated with your clients unless you specifically request it, and you and your client’s websites, projects, businesses, contact details, or anything else about you and them are not shared publicly. For more privacy information, please see’s privacy policy further down in these service protocols.

Work Availability is not guaranteed. reserves the right to only do business with return customers and also limit or decline referrals, if there is not enough work scheduling time available to take on new clients and still continue completing everyone’s tasks in a timely fashion. Availability estimates are also not guaranteed.

Emergency Work during Nights (after 5pm USA Eastern Time), Weekends, and Holidays is only available for return customers. Emergency work during off times and holidays is $10 extra hourly. Availability is NOT guaranteed in any way.

Work Requests are prioritized by urgency, the chronological order in which they are received, their size relative to other current requests, and are all scheduled according to availability.

Time Estimates as to the approximate calendar date a new work request can be finished by are given, but due to the nature of this type of work only non-guaranteed time estimates are available.

Customer Support is available Monday through Friday from 9:00am until 5:00pm U.S.A. Eastern Time, unless it is an emergency. In cases of emergency those contacts will be reviewed and resolved as soon as possible. Customer support and project consultation is free if the communication is not related to any hourly rate web developing in progress, and is not considered to be excessive. Any applicable customer support and project consultation charges are billed at standard hourly work rates.

An Online Customer Account may be required for to organize and track work logs and invoices on any web development jobs you have, even if you never decide to login and use the account yourself. You always will have the option to pay for web development services without logging into your account at, if you decide you prefer one of the alternate methods of payment that are available in the billing section of the website. Payment for digital product(s) may require you to have an online customer account created, where you must login to access the digital product(s) you are purchasing.

Prepayments / Pre-Paid Credit expires after 24 months regardless as to how much has been left unused, and from that time onward cannot be used to pay for any further products or services.

Payments Made To Using Digital Currency such as Bitcoin / Ethereum / Litecoin / etc are allowed if they are listed on the ‘Send Payment’ page of, as long the customer takes all responsibility for confirmation that they are sending the correct amount(s) to the correct address(es). Customers can send a small test amount before sending any full payment, if they contact first.

The Maximum Allowed Unpaid Balance of completed or in-progress work is $700. Larger projects therefore should be broken down into milestones that fit within this constraint. This helps avoid potential issues, such as non-payment / delayed-payment due to exceeding a client’s overall budget. You may pay down your balance at anytime, and continue scheduling additional work into the next available time slot(s).

Refunds Or Partial Refunds Are Honored For:
1. Credit from unused prepayments or pre-paid credit for up to 6 months from *date of cash purchase of the credit (unused credit fully expires as non-usable after 24 months).
2. Significant amounts of dysfunctional editing work (beyond normal programming bugs), within 90 days after completion of the job (or you may have it fixed for free within those 90 days), if the customer did not insist upon doing specifically related editing work in a manner that advised against. Programming bugs deemed small to medium-sized are a very common occurrence in any program, and are not eligible for refunds or free fixes as these programming bug(s) are not considered significantly dysfunctional. The job must also be considered fully completed within reason, to be eligible for any refund or free fix within the first 90 days of completion.

The Privacy Policy Of Is:
1. Unless granted permission by the customer, all customer contact information is never shared with any third parties.
2. Unless granted permission by the customer, all private or personal web application names and web site addresses of customers are never shared with any third parties.
3. Unless granted permission by the privately outsourcing customer, they and their client’s non-private and commercial web application names and web site addresses are never shared with the general public, and contact with their clients is never initiated.
4. If requested by the customer, all or any specified non-private and commercial web application names and web site addresses related to them or their clients which are not covered under’s other privacy protocols are never shared with any third parties.

Suspension Or Denial Of Services Is Reserved For:
1. Customers whom have abused staff, services, or products (whether digital or physical) of or any related third party provider.
2. Work requests associated with illegal, offensive, pornographic, fraudulent, or copyright-infringing material.
3. Work requests considered significantly unfeasible or unreasonable.
4. Customers who have invoices that are unpaid for over 7 days.
5. When a customer cannot communicate effectively enough in English, to successfully convey the detailed specifications of the work they want done (as it’s hard enough sometimes even in fluent English, due to highly technical aspects of this type of work).
6. When’s estimated work schedule availability is too limited to start the specific work request anytime in the near future.
7. New customers for whom work has not yet been done by, if estimated work schedule availability seems too limited to take on new customers. Referrals may or may NOT still be accepted on a limited basis as a courtesy to return customer’s acquaintances.
8. Large project requests, if estimated work schedule availability seems too limited to take on the large project requests.
9. Any other unforeseen scenarios, as allowed by the laws of the United States of America. Also Reserves The Right To:
1. Require prepayment before work is started even for return customers, if they have a history of late payment for services or products.
2. Any other actions deemed necessary, as allowed by the laws of the United States of America.
3. Revise these service protocols at anytime, without notice.

* Date of cash purchase refers to the date in time that actual cash was received from a customer by for any credit, product, or services payment.’s service protocols may be revised at any time without notice, so please review them occasionally through the provided link at the bottom of any main page.

Thank you very much for your interest in! 🙂

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