Introduction to the Basic Structure of an HTML Web Page

In this article I will cover the bare minimum basics to create your first web page from scratch. Believe it or not, creating a web page can be much easier by hand in a text editor than using a fancy WYSIWYG Editor, as there is no “Fix it so it’s right” button in those types of editors anyways. 🙂 There are a lot of free web editing tools out there to get started making web pages with. Continue Reading Full Article…

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Automated Backup of Proof-of-Stake Wallets

Many bitcoin clones have a different coin mining algorithm based off peercoin called proof-of-stake. You can mine these types of coins on any fairly low power system, as opposed to needing dedicated hardware / asics like with many proof-of-work systems.

The wallet.dat file (essentially the wallet file containing your coins) is updated often during the coin staking process, and as a safety precaution should be backed up on a regular basis to avoid loss of funds. Continue Reading Full Article…

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Securely Using Amazon S3 Buckets For Server Backups

I just finished building my new website, and finally have everything just right (well 99% right…for now…you know how that goes). Now it’s time to put in place an effective backup solution. In particular I am looking for a cost-efficient, very reliable, and very secure way to automatically backup my websites and databases once per day. I have Virtualmin GPL running as my control panel at my Linode VPS, so I already have cost-effective and very reliable covered (alternatively, Duplicator Pro is the best WordPress plugin that will do the same thing). Now I just have to make sure it is secured properly, or a server hack could turn into a data breach nightmare. Continue Reading Full Article…

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DFD Turbolist Converter Now Open Source

I decided to open source my DFD Turbolist Converter project today. It was originally a proprietary ioncube-encrypted app. Since I am switching my business model over to a vendor-only role (no more custom coding jobs for clients), I figured it was best from a marketing perspective.

I want everything to be free and open source for quite awhile, then maybe develop addons for the core product(s) that cost just a few bucks / are proprietary. It depends how well pure open source goes, we’ll see eventually…fingers crossed 🙂

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Introduction To PHP

PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) is a server-side interpreted scripting language that runs on a web server, which allows dynamic generation of a web page based on the parameters you write into the PHP programming. It has been around since the mid 1990s, and is usually installed on just about any modern web server these days. The database language MySQL is most often used in combination with PHP to provide a full server stack (bundle of needed server software) solution for web sites. You’ll need a server stack of your own to get started using this tutorial, either with a web hosting company online, or by using something like XAMPP on your own computer. Continue Reading Full Article…

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